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A survey of school officials indicates that 74% of safety plans are paper-based. Student forms and emergency medical information are still being stored in file cabinets and carried off campus in 3 ring binders.

EMTeLINK® provides a safe and secure online system for Student Medical and other important information.

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9 in 10 School Administrators

Communicated with parents regarding
a safety incident or issue.

With EMTeLINK® Nurses, Coaches, Band Directors, or other authorized school personnel have direct access to a student's emergency contacts with the ability to send messages to them.

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Track Forms
and Records

Field trips, out of town games for band members and athletes ... are you still carrying around that binder with their emergency medical information? With EMTeLINK®, you no longer need it.

EMTeLINK® provides a simple and secure way to access and share student information with healthcare personnel in an emergency. You can also track forms and parental signatures online.

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Collect and Track Forms that Students are required to submit for Consent, Field Trips, Band Trips, Athletic Events, and more!

Parents use the online portal to access a student's account to maintain emergency health information, and sign consent, medical, or other required forms such as physical forms for athletes.

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Forms, Signatures, Emergency Medical Records & Contacts.

EMTeLINK® provides an easy online system to collect, store, and track your student's information.

Using the admin dashboard, you can easily track compliance to ensure student records are up to date, and their consent and other forms are signed by students and parents. Automatic reminders can be sent to remind parents to log on to the portal and complete their student's forms. admin homepage image

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Parent Portal.

Parents can track when their student's information is complete.

Using the parent portal, you can easily track compliance to ensure your student's records are up to date, and their consent and other forms are signed.

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When an Emergency occurs, are you prepared?

With EMTeLINK®, you can always be prepared.

EMTeLINK® provides a fast, simple, secure, and HIPAA compliant way for you to access and share your family's, student's, employee's, or member's emergency information when seconds count. Sign up today. Be prepared.

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